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Accreditation with IAPTP lasts for a period of five years after which it is necessary to apply for reaccreditation. The criteria by which eligibility for reaccreditation is judged involves the following main aspects:

  • Maintenance of clinical practice skills
  • Appropriately supervised practice
  • Continuing professional development
  • Professional Insurance
  • Continuous membership of IAPTP
  • Garda Vetting

To apply for reaccreditation, complete the online application form attaching the relevant documents. When your application is received you will be emailed an invoice which you can pay online to initiate the application process.

Current Relevant Documents:

  1. Policy 13 Reaccreditation Criteria
  2.  Continuing Professional Development Requirements
  3. Supervision Requirements for IAPTP Accredited Members

The documents you will need to upload with your accreditation application are:

  • Completed statement regarding each group (link) and individual (link) supervisor you attended since last accreditation
  • CPD Table (link)
  • Certificates of Attendance for CPD training attended since last accreditation
  • Copy of current Garda Vetting