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Becoming an IAPTP Member

There are a number of categories of IAPTP membership available. Initial membership may be at associate or student level. Associate membership is open to anyone with an interest in play, therapeutic play and play therapy. Student membership is open to students on an IAPTP recognized training course.

There are also a variety of criteria based categories of membership, encompassing a range of practitioner levels, for which associates or student members can apply (including, pre-accredited or accredited play therapist, psychotherapist, accredited supervisor, and approved supervisor) when they have gained sufficient training and supervised experience.

The mission of IAPTP is to act as a self-regulating professional body for play therapists and for psychotherapists practising play therapy: to protect clients, their families, and the profession itself. IAPTP sets stringent training and accreditation standards, ethical frameworks, and supportive policies and procedures. This includes providing an accreditation process for practitioners and courses, and developing professional relationships with national and international stakeholders. In meeting these objectives IAPTP seeks to support the further development of both play therapy and therapeutic play services.

IAPTP Memberships


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