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Code of Ethics

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Note: The Irish legal definition of a child is: “A child is defined as any person up to the age of 18 years; adolescence defines that period of childhood extending from puberty to adulthood” (In accordance with Irish law and the UNCRC). This is the definition we rely on in this document; hence we refer to “child” or “children” and do not include specific references to adolescents.


The Irish Association for Play Therapy and Psychotherapy’s Code of Ethics1 provides a common set of values and standards upon which our student, pre-accredited and accredited members build their professional work. It is intended to provide guidance in relation to ethical issues and to promote optimal level of practice by such members who may be play therapists, psychotherapists with a specialisation in play therapy, and/or supervisors. Throughout this code the terms ‘practitioner/s’ and ‘members’ are used to cover the membership categories identified above. This code has as its aim the welfare and protection of the individuals, families, and groups with whom our members work and the education of practitioners and the public regarding appropriate ethical standards.